Straits Podiatry

Redefining Podiatric Care in Asia

Jackie Tey, Chief Podiatrist at Straits Podiatry. Singapore Podiatrist
Saw Yu Ting

Our Story

Straits Podiatry is one of the services under the Healthway Medical Group Allied Health Division, run by a pair of professionals who are deeply passionate about providing high-quality podiatric care without compromising on ethics, value, or integrity. We aim to lead the profession by upholding the highest moral standards through our podiatric care. We are family oriented and know how important it is to select the right clinicians for our family members, hence we strive to treat every patient with the same attention to detail as if they were our own family members.

What does Straits Podiatry do?

We see a wide age range of patients from infancy to the elderly with any ailment affecting the lower limb, including the toes, feet, ankles, knees, or hips. We investigate the root cause of the issue and then employ non-invasive techniques to heal, then prevent the problem from returning. We hope you will trust us on your journey to recovery!

Our Vision

We strive to provide accessible high-quality podiatric care for children and adults with lower limb conditions.

Straits Podiatry, SIngapore

Our journey of becoming Podiatrists first began when we were patients ourselves.