Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Ankle-Foot Orthosis

What is Ankle-Foot Orthosis?

Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) is a medical device that supports and controls the foot and ankle. AFO is used primarily to stabilize our lower limb structure, thereby reducing stress on the structure, and improving our gait functions. Like customised foot orthoses, AFO can be made specific to a condition and there are several designs that a Podiatrist can prescribe.

The key difference between AFO and customised foot orthoses is that AFO can provide higher control of ankle joint motion in all directions when walking. Hence, AFO is often used in more severe conditions, such as foot drop or late-stage posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

What is Ankle-Foot Orthosis? Straits Podiatry Singapore

Functions of Ankle-Foot Orthoses

AFO can be broken down into three components, the ankle splint, the hinge, and a foot orthosis. All components are fully customised to ensure an accurate fit. By changing the design of the components, we are able to prescribe the ideal device for your condition.

Functions of AFO include:

  • Restrict ankle inversion or eversion
  • Restrict ankle plantarflexion
  • Assist ankle dorsiflexion
  • Provide ankle stability
  • Improve gait functions
  • Reduce stress on the musculoskeletal structure of the lower limb

Conditions Managed with Ankle-Foot Orthoses

Conditions that are managed with AFO include:

Ankle-Foot Orthoses @ Straits Podiatry

There are various types of AFO in the market and many traditional designs are too rigid and do not provide great comfort when worn. Therefore, it is crucial to have an AFO that is comfortable and does not limit your daily activity.

At Straits Podiatry, our AFOs are versatile and will not hinder necessary movements when walking or running. It is imperative that we preserve these necessary movements so that patients can perform rehabilitative exercises during their road to recovery.


Before fabrication, a physical cast will be taken and each patient will need to undergo a thorough biomechanical assessment, which includes:

  • Foot posture analysis using 3D scanning technology
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Visual gait analysis
  • Postural assessment


Quality assurance is our promise.

Each AFO are covered under a limited warranty period.

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