Customised Foot Orthoses (Insoles)

Customised Foot Orthoses (Insoles)

What are Customised Foot Orthoses?

Customised Foot Orthoses are medical insoles that sit in your shoes and control the way that you walk. They are prescribed by Podiatrists to help prevent injuries and improve the alignment of your body’s structures. Customised foot orthoses can be conditions-specific or function-specific, which means that they can be designed to either treat an injury or to improve our posture and gait pattern.

What are customised foot insoles (orthoses)? Straits Podiatry Singapore

True “Customisation”, More Than Just Arch Support…

As Podiatrists, we always hear, “aren’t insoles for just arch support?”. No, it is not true.

Customised foot orthoses are not just arch support. There are hundreds of modifications and designs that a Podiatrist can prescribe, and each design has a unique effect on the forces acting on our foot. This is known as “orthotic reaction force”. This orthotic reaction force will also affect the way our foot moves during a walk or run.

There are conditions where customised foot orthoses are designed to not provide any arch support, because excessive arch support under an unstable foot may cause more problems such as ankle sprains or tendon injuries.

Customised foot orthoses are made unique for you. Just like dental braces or prescription glasses, you don’t put on someone else’s.

Musculoskeletal Assessment at Straits Podiatry

Functions of Customised Foot Orthoses

The key functions of customised foot orthoses include:

  • Redistributing pressure under the foot
  • Provides cushioning for shock absorption
  • Reduce stress acting on muscles, tendons, joints, and bones
  • Maintain or improve the structural alignment of the body
  • Stabilize or alter our joint motions when walking or running
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Conditions Treated with Customised Foot Orthoses

Conditions that are treated with customised foot orthoses include:

Customised Foot Orthoses @ Straits Podiatry

At Straits Podiatry, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest-quality customised foot orthoses in Asia. Before we begin fabrication, each patient would undergo a thorough biomechanical assessment, which includes:

  • Foot posture analysis using 3D scanning technology
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Visual gait analysis
  • Postural assessment


Quality assurance is our promise.

Each pair of orthoses are covered under a limited warranty period.

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