PACT Antifungal Therapy

PACT Antifungal Therapy

What is PACT Antifungal Therapy?

PACT Antifungal Therapy or Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy is an advanced non-invasive treatment option designed to manage fungal nail infections. It is a painless treatment option with practically no side effects and is commonly used in conjunction with topical antifungal medications to achieve the best outcome.

PACT Therapy at Straits Podiatry

How does PACT work?

PACT is often mistaken as laser therapy. Instead, PACT is a form of phototherapy that involves two components: photosensitiser and light.

The photosensitiser is a gel dyed in blue and it binds specifically to the fungal cell wall, making the fungal cells susceptible to the PACT light. The PACT light uses a specific wavelength of the light spectrum, and when shone onto the photosensitiser, it generates oxygen molecules that break down the cell wall of the fungal cells.

PACT Therapy

How is PACT Performed?

Before the initiation of PACT treatment, it is important that most of the affected fungal nails are trimmed and filed down. The photosensitiser gel will be applied to the nail and light will be shone over the nail after a soaking period. The entire process is painless, and the patient will not feel any sensation throughout.

When Should PACT be avoided?

PACT is extremely safe, is non-invasive, and has no side effects. This nail fungal treatment option is suitable for patients of all ages, and effective alternative solution for patients who are unable to take any oral antifungal medications or are allergic to topical antifungal applications.

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