Is Podiatry Recognised in Singapore?

Is Podiatry Recognised in Singapore? Podiatrist Singapore, Straits Podiatry
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As a healthcare profession, podiatry is an area of specialty that focuses on the study, diagnosis, and management of disorders and injuries of the feet and lower limbs. It is a crucial field of medicine that helps individuals maintain their mobility, avoid long-term disability, and improve their overall quality of life. But is podiatry recognised in Singapore? Let’s delve into the subject to find out.

Understanding Podiatry

Podiatry is a specialized medical field that deals with the assessment, diagnosis, and management of issues affecting the feet and lower limbs. It involves the use of specialized techniques and equipment to help patients manage foot-related conditions, such as fungal infections, foot deformities, heel pain, and diabetic foot care.

In many countries, podiatry is a recognized profession that requires specialized training and certification. However, its recognition varies from country to country, and this can impact its accessibility to patients who need it.

Is Podiatry Recognised in Singapore? Podiatrist Singapore, Straits Podiatry

Podiatry in Singapore

In Singapore, podiatrist is recognized as an allied health professional by the Ministry of Health. The Podiatry Association (Singapore) was also formed in 1994 to set a common code of conduct and standards of practice for podiatrists in Singapore.

To practice as a podiatrist in Singapore, one must hold a degree in podiatry from a recognized overseas institution. This ensures that only qualified professionals can provide podiatry services in Singapore, giving patients peace of mind and making sure that they receive quality care.

Podiatry Services in Singapore

In Singapore, podiatry services are available in various settings, including private clinics, hospitals, and community health centres. Podiatrists also work closely with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care to patients. They include orthopaedic surgeons, vascular surgeons, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, physiotherapists, and diabetes educators.

Some of the services provided by podiatrists in Singapore include:

  1. Foot and ankle assessments
  2. Management of foot and ankle injuries
  3. Custom-made orthoses
  4. Diabetic foot care
  5. Management of nail and skin conditions
  6. Gait analysis and correction

Benefits of Podiatry in Singapore

Podiatry services play a vital role in the overall healthcare system in Singapore. By recognizing podiatry as a profession and providing access to qualified practitioners, Singaporeans can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Improved foot health: Podiatrists help individuals maintain good foot health, prevent foot problems, and manage existing conditions.
  2. Better mobility: Individuals with foot and ankle problems can benefit from podiatry services, which can help improve their mobility and quality of life.
  3. Preventative care: Podiatrists can identify and manage foot problems before they become severe, preventing long-term complications and disability.
  4. Comprehensive care: Podiatrists work closely with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care to patients with complex medical conditions.


In conclusion, podiatry is recognized as a healthcare profession in Singapore. Individuals can access quality podiatry services in Singapore from qualified professionals. The Podiatry Association (Singapore) also has a code of conduct and standard of practice for podiatrists. Basically, this is to make sure that patients can receive safe and quality podiatric care.

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Podiatrists Singapore, Straits Podiatry
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