Benedict Khoo, Principal Podiatrist in Singapore. Straits Podiatry

Mr. Benedict Khoo

Principal Podiatrist



Mr Benedict Khoo is a Singaporean Podiatrist who has been in the private sector for many years. He graduated with honours in Podiatry from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. He specialises in treating sports injuries as well as other types of common painful disorders arising from walking or running gait biomechanics.

Mr Khoo has a clinical interest in optimising modern therapies that aid patient recovery processes, with an in-depth focus on non-surgical treatment options through the use of radial pressure wave therapy and focused extracorporeal shockwave therapy. He is trained and certified in shockwave application by the International Society of Medical Shockwave Treatment. He utilises medical shockwave therapy in treating injuries and lower limb biomechanical complications that are common to people of all age groups.

Mr Khoo also has a keen interest in using minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat recurrent ingrown toenails. This will leave the best aesthetic outcome for the patients with minimal scarring and a faster recovery time.

Mr Khoo is one of the pioneering clinicians in Straits Podiatry and is widely recognised today as a well-established podiatrist in Singapore.


Mr Benedict Khoo has had a keen interest in science since he was young, which led him to pursue a diploma in Biomedical Science. His focus on Podiatry came about when he was serving as a combat medic in the Navy during his National Service. Having sustained lower limb injuries arising from flat feet and seeing a large number of military personnel going through the same issues, Mr Khoo decided to pursue an education in Podiatry.

Mr Khoo then graduated with honours in Podiatry from the Queensland University of Technology. He hopes to utilise his knowledge to raise awareness of lower limb conditions and the importance of preventative measures before these conditions develop.